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Seagate’s new NAS product – BlackArmor NAS 440 released today

Seagate released its new BlackArmor NAS 440 product today, and let me tell you – this is some product! And for lots of reasons.
As my readers know, I’m a bit of a photographer – I’ve been taking pictures digitally since 1997. Quite often, I have images that others want to see, or images that I need to make available to others, whether they be family or people who have hired me for their needs. One of the things that I have often struggled with is how to give access, yet at the same time control the environment. Yeah… I’m one of those – I want all my stuff safe and secure, and under my own control. That means not using the standard online posting sites.
The BlackArmor NAS 440 product does all that for me! It provides me a single storage location, on my network at home, where I can safely and securely store my massive photo collection, and even allows me to make parts of it available to others as I need to. Tech jargon alert – the flexibility of this product is fantastic – RAID 0,1,5 and 10. 4-bay chassis, with hot-swappable drives. The ability to configure volumes independently, as I want. Secure remote access. It will support up to 50 PCs, Macs and Linux systems on one network. It even comes with software to allow me to backup all my PCs on the network to it, complete with full system backup. That means I can do a full drive recovery from my network.
But for me… It’s the secure remote access. That way, I can set up folder shares for clients, friends and family, to be able to access what I want them to access, when I want them to access it. My sharing issues are over. I create the share folder, put in their email address, and they are notified that their images are available for viewing.
OK… One last surprise about the NAS 440 – its size! This thing is SMALL! When I heard about a 4-bay unit, I figured it would be about the size of a PC desktop tower. Nope! This thing is only 8” tall and 6 ½” wide. Talk about densely packed! It’s not too hard to find space for this one in my system!

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