Console gaming can enhance your social life!

There are several ways to enjoy playing your game console in competitive or cooperative ways with others.  Both Sony and Microsoft have full featured on-line services to allow people the world over to connect and play.  I prefer being able to look my opponent in eyes (to plead for mercy) when I play. If you have a console game at home and have not ventured into the live multi play with others you’re really missing out…  There are a host of games you can choose that will fit almost any social situation from small party’s (gotta try Rock Band) to multi-player war games (historic, to futuristic) , to 1-1 virtual sports (Car racing, basketball, football).

The simplest way to multi play is to connect multiple controllers to your console. Xbox 360 supports up to four simultaneous controllers, and PS3supports up to 7! Keep in mind that this mode of play means you are sharing a single TV screen with all players so the bigger the better! You can get beyond the direct connect controller method and also get beyond sharing a TV if you delve into the world on console networking! This is not really that complicated and for certain situation like college dorms or special events this can be a very cool way to go.  At Seagate, we have had the opportunity to host the Frag Dolls (professional gamers)   for promotional events that features this multi-player gaming mode with 6 Xbox 360 consoles linked together.

For those of you who are already gamers, I’m preaching to choir… But if you’ve been thinking about a console game or you have one at home the kids use, think about taking the plunge!  You can have a lot of fun with your own friends and a find some new ways to connect with the kids too.

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