There is a speed bump looming down the road in the desktop and notebook storage market.  It’s called SATA 6Gigabit/second or SATA 6G for short – and it’s not the kind of speed bump that will slow you down! On the contrary,  SATA 6G will bring a whole new level of performance to the consumer and commercial computer market – doubling today’s interface speed (SATA 3G) to hop up data transfer rates of desktop and notebook computers!


SATA 6G technology also promises to help reduce power consumption and bolster RAID performance and scalability in server racks, as outlined in this recent flash piece from LSI – benefits of special interest to large organizations.

SATA 6G hard drives, controllers and motherboards will be showing up in the market this fall and should really start to hit stride by mid summer of 2010.  Some of the early adopters of the technology (outside of IT managers) will likely be the highperformance enthusiasts building tricked out Gaming rigs or really fast workstations for non-linear video editing or other multimedia development and publishing work.

But that’s not all – look for a steady stream of other performance improvements in the coming years from bigger caches, higher capacity solid state drives, or combined solid state and rotating media drives, all fundamentally enabled by – what else? Yep, SATA 6G !

Don’t you just love a screaming fast PC? Sweet!

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