Today, Seagate and Paramount Digital Entertainment announced a partnership to deliver Paramount premium digital movies via Seagate FreeAgent Go™ portable drives. With 21 pre-loaded movies totaling over 50GB, this is the industry’s largest mass movie distribution on a portable drive. This promotion will be offered on specially marked 500GB FreeAgent Go drives and can be purchased immediately from After registering the drive, you will receive a code to unlock Paramount’s hit film Star Trek. The additional 20 titles can be unlocked for ownership for a price of $9.99 to 14.99 USD each depending on the title.

Additional titles include:FreeAgent Go box

Paramount pre-loaded Movies

The FreeAgent Go drives are all about storing your entire digital life in a compact, mobile device that can be accessed in the home or on-the-go. For years, we’ve been storing our photos, music and home movies on this device and now we can add premium movies to the list! The promotion not only helps to kickstart your digital movie library by offering the Star Trek title free with registration, it also enables you to choose from 20 other titles to unlock ranging from kids movies to action flicks. By having the other titles pre-loaded on the drive, you have instant gratification should you chose to unlock a few more movies – no need to wait for large files to download!

So how does this compare with other movie distribution methods? As many of you know, Seagate’s product line stretches beyond pure storage devices, it extends to HD media players, network sharing devices and much more. For those customers who already own a Seagate FreeAgent Theater+™ HD media player, you will see an available firmware update (when the device is connected to your home network via the built-in Ethernet connection or the optional WiFi adapter) which enables a number of great new features, one of which is the ability to playback Paramount premium content. By navigating to the settings menu on your FreeAgent Theater+ HD media player, you will find a new setting called “Paramount” which is where you can assign the HD media player as one of the three devices licensed to playback your Paramount films.  But wait, it gets even better! You can also dock your FreeAgent Go drive into the FreeAgent DockStar™ network adapter, which enables you to store your entire digital media collection in a single, centralized location in the home. You can then access the movies from your laptop while on the couch, your desktop computer in your den or from the FreeAgent Theater+ HD media player in the living room – without ever moving your drive! If you still think your optical disc can outperform that ecosystem, then how about your netbook? Since most netbooks don’t have an optical drive, this is definitely an option to consider when you want to access an entire library of content while on-the-go.


Ready to pick one up? I know I am! Don’t miss out on the introductory price at For a limited time, the FreeAgent Go portable drive pre-loaded with the Paramount films will be priced at only $99.99 USD (originally $139.99 USD) – plus we’re offering free shipping!

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