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The New ‘Not As Scary’ NAS for the Masses

While today’s average consumer is very tech-savvy, there are still some areas of technology that remain daunting.  Home networking, I would argue, is one of these more intimidating areas.  If you were to say to someone, “How would you like to be able to connect all the computers in your home to one another, back them up effortlessly and be able to access content on any one of them wirelessly from any computer or media extender in the house?” most people would likely respond, “That sounds great!  But I have no idea how to do something like that.”

Seagate’s new GoFlex Home can help ANYONE (seriously) set up a home wireless network in less than 15 minutes.  I like to joke that it re-defines NAS to make it “Not As Scary” for consumers. A lot of technology companies talk about their products being “consumer friendly”, but if you were to ask the majority of the public to actually use that device or service, the feedback received may be a little surprising.  This is where GoFlex Home is different.  Seagate spent a lot of time focusing on ease of use in this product to make it a truly entry-level consumer networking device with the easiest, step-by-step installation process and user interface of any other NAS available today.

As this New York Times article says, “Network-attached storage, or NAS, may be one of the best-kept secrets in personal technology.”  Using the GoFlex Home families can not only centralize and backup all the digital content in their homes (whether it’s a desktop computer, netbook, notebook, Mac book, etc), but they can share content between both Mac and PC computers (solving the dual-OS household dilemma!), stream content to game consoles, DLNA devices, the GoFlex TV HD media player or other media extenders, access that content from any computer, anywhere in the world or share it with friends by simply entering an email address.  You can also wirelessly share a USB printer with every computer in the house!

What do you think about having a Home NAS solution?  Would you like to be able to share a wireless printer in your home or be able to share content between Mac and PC computers without having to reformat a drive?  How would YOU use your home networking device?

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