Last weekend I was doing some grocery shopping in London and I couldn’t resist the temptation of going into Carphone Warehouse, a specialist mobile phone store. The weather was not particularly pleasant; it was cold and windy but this didn’t put people off doing their Christmas shopping and spending all the money that – according to some experts – the UK doesn’t have. It got me thinking about the future of mobile phones.

Courtesy : Carphone Warehouse Mobility Report

A forecast from Informa Telecoms & Media says that smartphones will account for more than 25% of the total sales of mobile phones in 2011, which means 342 million smartphones worldwide. For me, this is a lot of phones! I can’t even imagine one thousand of them…

These phones are reaching very attractive price points and there is so much we can do with them. On my own iPhone I carry movies, photos and music. I couldn’t live without it but I am limited to 8GB of storage capacity. How can I expand that?

I cannot directly add a memory card but I can use other kinds of products that will allow me to virtually add more storage.This is where Seagate’s GoFlex Net comes in.

This media sharing device enables me to access the files I have at home (movies, videos, music, etc) from any internet-connected device, including my iPhone or other smartphones.

I can connect up to two GoFlex drives or any USB 2.0 storage device and add a huge amount of additional storage. The application on the GoFlex Net takes the content from those storage devices and sends it to your phone (streaming). The app is free and it is available for the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Palm or Android phones.

GoFlex NET

At the shop, I realised that most of the people knew what they wanted, knew about all the different features of these phones and their benefits. No device is perfect, we always find something that could be improved but, thanks to the addition of other devices, some of them can get close to perfection.

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