(cc Chad Michael Ward)

What do you consider beautiful?

Maybe you’ll enjoy this performance of Ave Maria by the Vienna Boys Choir. Or how about Johannes Vermeer’s painting The Girl with the Pearl Earring?

What I love about that question is that the answer is relative. I’m fascinated to learn about something that is attractive to someone that may not necessarily be attractive to me. It’s a great opportunity to look at something through their eyes, to see what they see.

A friend of mine turned me onto a video contest by Montblanc where you have one second to capture a video of something you find beautiful. I’d love to participate (I have until the December 13th) but the idea of trying to capture something beautiful within one second of time isn’t as easy as it sounds. What if you miss that moment? Would I be able to recreate it?  I like the idea of something spontaneous, but that may not help you win the contest.

(cc Alfred Eisenstaedt)

The films that are available on the site are fascinating and really show a wide breadth of artistic interpretation — which actually only increases the intimidation factor. However one thing the intro video does stress is that “one of the great things about cinema is how it makes us aware of time.” The passage of time is part of the story, the process, the evolution of character. Where the star of a film ends is rarely where they began. As observers to their journey, we witness growth, development and change not only to the main character, but oftentimes, to the supporting characters as well.

When making a film, as in life, every second is crucial.

The analogy to storage isn’t lost on me.  Every bit of content created, every item shared, also helps to remind us of time. A picture we snapped, a video we shot, a song we composed, a piece of art we drew. Anything we created, featured, starred in or just found to be worth treasuring and wanted to keep. Something…beautiful.

What’s your idea of beauty? Leave a comment below or reach out to us @Seagate_Con on Twitter.


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