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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Never let it be said that Seagate is a company that doesn’t know how to have fun and get in the festive spirit. The Cupertino office of the company loves the holidays…and competition, so what better way to celebrate both by having a holiday cube-decorating contest.

Four judges patrolled the hallways of the four-story complex searching high and low for the cube (or in some cases group of cubes) that showed the most holiday spirit.  The top three winners will have bragging rights on being the most festive elves this side of the North Pole as well as a $15 gift card for one of the local establishments close to HQ.

Entering the contest is easy and the restrictions were minimal:

  • Keep decorations off of the ceiling to avoid sprinklers
  • No loud Christmas music by The Chipmunks
  • Decorations can be displayed two weeks prior to the holiday. Also, the holiday must be Christmas as opposed to Arbor Day.
  • No candles. Especially lit ones.
  • And no live reindeer.

I’d have thought that last one would have been a given, but according to rumor, there was some incident back in ‘76 where this became a standing rule.  I’ll have to explore the details on that further at some point.

There has been a great deal of creativity in the cube decorating ranging from small, winter villages to inflatable reindeer heads (thus avoiding rule #5 above) and even a wonderful interpretation of what the North Pole offices of Seagate must look like in “Santa Land”.

Judging could not have been easy. But take a look at the pictures in our Flickr to see what would have got your vote!

Happy Holidays from Seagate!

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