We covered a lot of different things during CES ranging from videos to photo-essays to keynotes.  We dug deep into some of the key innovations we wanted to share but didn’t get a chance to cover other things that we just thought interesting. Here are some of the things I stumbled upon just walking the show floor.


Film Fresh:
An alternative in the online digital entertainment space that allows you to buy or rent films that can be viewed via select Blu-ray players or Internet-connected televisions and coming soon tablets and smartphones.  What I liked about this site is how it will suggest movies based upon your mood. Want to “Battle the Forces of Evil?” Prepare for recommendations such as Zombieland or Ghostbusters. Need to “Kiss and Make Up?” Then Twilight or 50 First Dates may be what you’re suggested. Film Fresh also has all the social hooks to keep you engaged and share your love of movies with all of your friends.

Admittedly, I stumbled upon this looking for something else, but given my penchant for singing in the shower, I feel like the universe wanted me to have this device. Coming this March for $99, this Bluetooth-enabled speaker allows you to play music from any 5 devices from a 200-foot range for up to 15 hours of continues play.  (I’m going to need a lot more soap!)

Positioned right next to the iShower, I had to take a looksee. Simply put, this app is a wireless meat & fish thermometer. Available for free on iTunes, download to any iOS device and monitor your food from a distance up to 200 feet.  When your food is ready, your device will chirp and start your mouth salivating.

Dropcam is an HD video-monitoring camera allowing you to watch and record from anywhere. Great for home security, child (or pet) monitoring and a slew of other uses limited only by the imagination. Shipping this March for $150, this easy-to-setup camera has multiple DVR plans for hosting your recorded content ranging from free to $29.95 a month.

Finally, flash drives with personality! As a Superman fan, when I saw this little ditty during Pepcom, I knew I had to have one.  Available this March in characters ranging from DC Comics™ to Star Wars™, these small, handy, devices are ready to keep your data from falling into the hands of the Dark Side.

You can read in-depth some of the other products and companies through The Digital Den but there were so many things you pass walking through the show, I wanted to highlight some varied tidbits of other things from the show floor.

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