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G4TV to Give Away an Alienware Laptop and Five Momentus XT Hybrid Drives

G4TV and gaming have gone hand-in-hand almost immediately since its inception in the early 2000’s.  As the only network dedicated to video games and the gaming lifestyle, it pioneered the way to make gaming a mainstream pastime with groundbreaking shows such as Filter, Cinematech, Pulse and a long running fan favorite, Attack of the Show.

If you’re not familiar with Attack of the Show (@AOTS), then you’re missing out. Hosted by Kevin Pereira and Candace Bailey, AOTS brings you the best and brightest in news, movies, gaming and everything else in popular culture.

Given that AOTS is covering the Consumer Electronics Show, it was a perfect chance for AOTS to work with Seagate to make amazing happen with a couple giveaways taking place during the expo.

Forget for a moment all the other great gifts Seagate plans to give away this week. This one’s straight from your friends at G4TV — here’s the skinny on how you can join them and try to win a Momentus XT drive, or an Alienware laptop empowered by Momentus XT!

Monday: 1/9/12 – G4TV Momentus XT Twitter Giveaway

  • Watch Attack of the Show that night at 7pm (Eastern time) and be listening for Kevin & Candace to mention the contest and select 5 winners for a Momentus XT drive.
  • Can’t watch the live Eastern broadcast? Then pay attention to @AOTS
    & 5:00PM Pacific to learn how to enter the sweepstakes.

Thursday: 1/12/12 – G4TV Alienware “Epic Giveaway”

  • Tune into Attack of the Show at 7pm Eastern to listen for the Epic Giveaway, with the grand prize being an Alienware laptop.  (Or, as above, follow their @AOTS Twitter feed during that time.)
  • You’ll have until 10:00AM 1/13/12 to enter the contest. Winner will be announced live on Attack of the Show on Friday, January 13th

Get Ready! Get Set! CES!!


  • Garret Turiano Says:

    hope i win ! ! !

  • i enter dreaming oh how it would be so nice to win but the day comes and goes and i dont but i have a dream maybe just maybe all the stars will line up and i could win thank you laura hiatt

  • I hope i win cause i love games on PC though never able to play vause of my PC.

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