The Consumer Electronics Show covers the gamut from televisions to washing machines to automobiles.  As such, what sometimes can get overlooked is gaming.  Maybe it’s because the gaming industry has enough opportunity to toot its horn at shows like Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) or the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) but it’s still a facet of consumer electronics and shouldn’t be overlooked. In fact, I wish the gaming industry had more of a presence at CES, but another blog post for another day.

Thank goodness for Sony’s PlayStation® Vita.

Available on February 22 starting at $249, the PS Vita will be the monster in your pocket that will let you game, take pictures, download apps, chat, watch videos, browse the web, connect with your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and much more.

Taking a brief moment to speak with Jeff Rubenstein from the PlayStation Blog at the Sony booth, he is as excited for it’s release as I am to have it released.  The touch-screen controls are making the navigation easy without being too sensitive. The device has weight, but won’t weigh you down when on the go. The OLED screen brings such pop and vibrancy you’ll be impressed with the level of detail in some of the games featured.

I was one of the lucky ones to stand in line for the original PlayStation Portable system. I thought that may be my last time, but with the pending release of the PS Vita, I remember why I often say Never Say Never Again.

Will you be joining me in the PS Vita line at launch day? Leave a comment below or on Twitter.

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