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How does one adequately prepare for the Consumer’s Electronics Show aka CES? Never mind the idea of how big the show is, how many companies that will be present and the cool “toys” I’ll get a chance to play with. What I have been stumped with is the simplest of questions – what is a fellow to wear?

Now before you label me a superficial chap, let me explain that I am a horrible packer. I like to travel light so not to check in any bags. I want everything to be condensed to a backpack, duffel bag or at most something carry-on size.  But I also always want to be prepared for anything. While I was never a Boy Scout, “be prepared” is a great philosophy. So I always feel like I need a suit, multiple trousers, shirts and a swimsuit just in case. (Yes, even in January, but it is Vegas.)

And let’s not even get started on my electronics. I may not want a tablet, but I have to have multiple devices, laptops and tons of cables. See my dilemma?

What is helping as I have already (mentally at least) begun packing is knowing that Team Seagate, who’ll be covering CES with me, has specific themes for each day of the conference.

Day One: “Preview Night.” The crew will be attending PepCom’s Digital Experience to get an early look at what will be shown the coming week. We’ll be looking at cloud computing and addressing the question of howthe year’s newest products might tweak your digital life.

Day Two: “Consumer Gadgets.” To some, this is the bread & butter of CES.  What is the cool? What is the must have? We’ll let you know the best of the best.

Day Three: “Gamers & Modders.” Our Momentus XT drive is getting a lot of attention as of late, especially in the gaming space. If attending the show, swing by our gaming lounge (Booth #31846) featuring a side-by-side comparison of the Momentus XT against a standard “out-of-the-box” hard drive. You could win an Alienware laptop, too! (And if you’re not at CES, watch our Twitter to learn how to enter.)

Day Four: “Creatives.” Cameras, and microphones and lenses – oh my! If you’re in the market for new music, photo and video production equipment — as a hobbyist or pro — then this’ll be the segment to make your ears perk and eyes go wide.

Day Five: “Wrap Up” (If we’re still standing.) What’s the best device we saw at the show? What’s the one tech toy we can’t live without? What were the highlights from conferences and keynotes?  This is your one-stop shop to get the lowdown on CES 2012.

So back to my fashion conundrum, suffice it to say, it’s going to be an active week. Yet having just watched this video on packing, I think I can safely say it won’t matter what I’ll wear as long as I’m stylish, comfortable and have plenty of Red Bull.

CES is only days away. What news are you looking forward to coming out of the show? Drop us a line in the comments below or catch us on Twitter.

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