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You Can’t Take It With You…Or Can You?

Maybe you’re like me and have just accepted data storage as a given. Something that has become part of our inalienable rights that allows us to save whatever we want, whenever we want to later use however we want.

That’s kind of the point, right? The ability to have our most prized digital possessions on hand.

I was talking with a friend from Konsole Kingz about a hip-hop artist we were both fans of, MF DOOM.  Not only do we like his lyrical content and flow but also the melody of his music. Each song he creates has a unique sound, but still remains distinctively his based on his style.

The music has several different things happening where it encourages you to listen to it more than once so you can catch everything. It’s a very well assembled, produced sound that is perfect for his persona.

Being a MF DOOM fan, I have his entire discography that includes the “alter-egos” he’s recorded under including Viktor Vaughn, and King Geedorah as well as all of the instrumental CD’s from the Special Herbs collection.

Yup, I’m a fan. I’ve even “Liked” him on Facebook.

Now before you start asking how much I’m getting in celebrity endorsements, (not a cent, incidentally) the moral of this story is about being able to take with me everywhere something that is of great interest to me – music.

Music is great for setting a tone or mood. MF DOOM is an artist who I can play regardless of my temperament.  I can just shut down and listen to the nuances of the music.

Here are some YouTube clips for some of my favorite songs:
Deep Fried Frenz
The Mask

Having all of this music available for me on multiple devices means I will never go without.  What is something you can’t live without?  Leave comments below or on Twitter.

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