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You Don’t Need to Be a Picasso to Doodle

Ever heard of Toon Boom?  I hadn’t, but I know I’ve seen their work.  They’ve been in the animation business since 2005 and have worked with clients such as Warner Bros, Nelvana, Film Roman and more working on projects such as Kung Fu Panda, The Rugrats, The Simpsons Movie.

Showcasing Flip Boom Doodle at the CES show this past week, this ditty of a program allows creators of any skillset to draw, color or animate anything they can imagine, and then share their creation on Facebook or YouTube.

Since I don’t have the ability to draw stick figures correctly, Flip Boom Doodle gave me hope that I can release my inner Tex Avery and draw cartoons like a pro.

The interface is simple and you can make the quickest, most simple animations in minutes. Sharing is a snap once you log in with your social credentials. Best part – a tie between the sticker price of $29.99 as well as availability for Mac and PC.

Given the pedigree of a company like Toon Boon, you can expect Flip Boom Doodle to be a quality product that will give you or someone in your family hours of entertainment.

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  • John Paulsen

    I did know Tex Avery, yes. But … okay I admit I had forgotten why the name was familiar. Damn what a genius.

    I have often wished I could draw better; I’m sort of semi-reasonable as a visual artist but never studied it or spent much time on it and sometimes imagined I could have made some beautiful things. : )

    Cool thing is: my daughter is 100X the artist I am, and I get to see her beautiful work all the time.

    Flip Boom Doodle sounds like so much fun.

    -your Seagate buddy John

  • Hey Thanks for posting the info about our Flip Boom Doodle. you can check out our own blog here News On Toon Boom Animation

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