Since graduating elementary school, I think I’ve lost some of the appreciation I have had for President’s Day.  I don’t want to sell our forefathers short, but it has almost become an excuse for day off, or a reason for stores to hold a weekend sale.

Wanting to give our nation’s leaders of the past the proper recognition they deserve, I started thinking about what type of hard drives they would have had back during their heyday and how it could have been a benefit to them.

Richard Nixon is probably the most obvious person to start with. I can’t help but think that if “Tricky Dick” had our FreeAgent® GoFlex™ Pro Ultra-portable drive, Watergate could have turned out differently.  With up to 750GB of space, you could easily hold any digital recording you want and store it away from the office as a precaution.

John F. Kennedy was a charismatic leader who was taken from this world much too soon. We may never know the why’s behind his assassination but one thing that is well documented is his admiration of a certain platinum-blonde starlet.  For that secret stash of private photos, music and movies up to 500GB, I think the GoFlex Satellite™ would be perfect.  Depending on what you believe, the same could be said for Bill Clinton too.

No one can discount the historical significance of the election of Barack Obama to office.  President Obama has really embraced technology, socially media (He’s definitely the first to Twitter.) Given his savvy, I imagine him using the GoFlex™ for Mac® Ultra-portable Drive.  With 1.5TB of space that can fit in your pocket, this is a great hard drive for the guy on the go.

The FreeAgent GoFlex Desk comes with 4TB of space for music, photos or a digital copy of the Declaration of Independence, which is why I think it’s the perfect hard drive solution for George Washington.  It makes for a great birthday gift, too.

So what Seagate hard drive do you own? Leave a comment below, on Twitter or our Facebook page.

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