Who doesn’t like television? It’s the passport to a world of adventure, excitement and a look into the lives of the rich and famous or if you’re a Kardashian, both.

When Hulu first entered the scene, I was an early adopter. It’s a great way to catch up on current shows I was behind on and even better still, re-familiarize myself with shows from yesteryear that had come to a close or never really took off.  Here are some shows I wish were still on the air:

Journeyman – A story about a reporter who can go back in time and alter a person’s destiny.

Firefly – A space western about a ragtag group doing what they can to survive.

Angel – A vampire trying to atone for past sins by protecting L.A. from the freaks that come out at night.

Better Off Ted – Sitcom looking at corporate life and the one person holding it all together.

Pushing Daisies – A quirky show about a pie-making sleuth who’s able to bring the dead back to life – including his girlfriend.

Alias – A spy, action drama about a double agent trying to bring down a secret group within the CIA.

This is one of the many reasons why I’m thankful for technologies like streaming video, cloud storage and universal remotes. It gives me a chance to revisit some of my favorite shows of days gone by. I also love the accessibility these services provide so I can watch what I want, when I want, on my smartphone, tablet, PC, or game console.  Trust me when I say, I use them all and find them handy on road trips.

Shows may come and go, but television is here to stay and with sites like Hulu or even Netflix streaming, we’ll forever be entertained.

What are some of your favorite past or present TV shows? Leave a comment below or drop us a line on Twitter.

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