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Companies Putting the Interactive into SXSW Interactive

SXSW Interactive comes to a close today. There were hundreds of companies covering music, film and aspects of social media on hand showcasing some of their latest advancements to attract new audiences and evangelists.

Moofaces caught my eye as an interesting alternative to LinkedIn. While LinkedIn has established itself as the network for, um, networking, Moofaces is taking a page from their playbook taking a similar approach, but instead focusing on a person’s interest as well as their professions.

Glomper isn’t just another geo-location app. This tool helps you to find or even create events.  Available for both iPhone & Android, this app will keep you moving at events like SXSW or whether you’re just out and about around town.

Lifedots also caught my eye at the show. Chalk it up to being concerned about preserving photos, but the idea of collecting your memories in a centralized location isn’t too shabby a concept. Tie it to your social networks and you’re good to go to share those special times.

Given some of these apps and programs, I think I’m going to need more phone storage sometime soon. I wonder if I can talk to the company powers-that-be to see if we can get R&D to work something out.

Thank you, SXSW Interactive, for sharing your techie fancies with me.  Let the good times continue to roll as we head into the music portion of the festival.

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