GDGT Austin is a free event open to the public attending SXSW with several booths (including Seagate) in attendance ready to showcase their latest technological baubles. For Team Seagate, that included GoFlex Satellite and the Thunderbolt adapter.

But let’s take a look at some of the other companies that were in attendance.

Sphero is a cute little device that is a robotic ball that you can control with your iOS or Android device.   Through the app, you can just glide your finger across the screen and make Sphero sway and move whatever direction you’d like.  You also have the ability to change the color of your Sphero to fit your mood and personality.  Once you’ve made the Bluetooth connection with Sphero, you’ll be able to entertain yourself (or if you have a pet) for at least an hour for up to fifty feet.

DLP Pico Projectors are just cool.  Using your smartphone, you can project any image into a full screen projection onto any surface.  So whether it’s for that on-the-go presentation or just something to entertain the kids while travelling, this handy device will work anytime/anyplace.

Screenburn wasn’t the only place to have some cool apps on display. Locotext was an app that really caught my interest. Taking a spin on the geo-location craze and launching for Android in the April/May timeframe, this app will allow you to send a message to someone based on your geographical location.

Example: You’re traveling for business and want to let your loved one you’ve landed safely. Boom! Locotext can do that for you. Had too good a night on the town and you need to check in with your BFF? Boom! Locotext has you covered.  I can only imagine how something like this could help parents feel much safer when their teens are out and about.

GDGT was a great event that had a lot to showcase. If you’ve never attended a GDGT event before, definitely check out their official site to see when they may be making a tour stop near you.

If you attended GDGT and saw something that caught your eye, comment on it below or via Twitter or Facebook.

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