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iPad 3 – Still only 64GB?

Apple is expected to have their iPad 3 announcement tomorrow and like everyone else, I’m curious to know what will be different in this latest iteration.  One feature I’m especially intrigued by is what the storage capacity will be. If the iPad 3 releases able to hold more than 64GB, it runs the risk of impacting my business.  After all, we have touted that the Satellite drive is the perfect companion for your tablet given the storage capacity and ability to simultaneously stream media up to 3 devices wirelessly.

But let’s take a step back for a moment.  There have been a ton of rumors around the iPad feature set including the following:

  • iPad HD vs. iPad 3 – Apple may make a similar move as it did with iPhone (iPhone 4S anyone?) and call it something other than the iPad 3.
  • Higher pricing  – If going an HD route, the next iPad may cost an additional $80.
  • Retina screen – The next iPad could boast a 2048×1536 screen which is 2x the original.
  • Quad-core CPU – The next iPad may carry the A5X to boost speed & power
  • iPhone 4S Camera – Not much of a stretch to think that the wünder-tablet will leverage technology from it’s little brother the iPhone.
  • Mountain Lion features – Since the release of this OS is on the horizon, makes sense to include some of it’s features in the next iPad

If all these rumors hold true, the iPad 3 will be a beast yet there hasn’t been anything speculated yet about storage capacity. The iPad 2 released with 16/32/64GB options so even if the iPad 3 bumps up to 128GB will that be enough?

Between books, games, movies, music and photographs, most people I know who own a device fill theirs to capacity quite quickly. Maybe it will be a few iPad iterations before this becomes enough of an issue for me to worry about job security.  And maybe this’ll be the device that will finally make me want a tablet. So let’s sit back and see what Apple has to say about their next “must have” device.

Will you buy an iPad 3 when it releases? Give us a “yay” or “nay” in comments below on Twitter or our Facebook page.

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  • I’m very disappointed the iPad 3 still maxes out at 64GB. I was also hoping Seagate would have released a 1TB version of the GoFlex Satellite by now. I have the current 500GB model but it’s full. I download a lot of movies and TV shows from iTunes so it fills up quickly. 500GB is nothing these days, what are you waiting for Seagate?

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