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Here at LG, we love the cloud. Why? Well – because we love anything that has the potential to make the mobile experience even better. We’ve recently released a few devices with some fantastic specs – like the Spectrum by LG (Verizon) and the LG Nitro HD (AT&T). These devices are not only 4G LTE capable, but also have amazing 4.5” True HD IPS displays and 1.5 GHz dual-core processors. These displays and processors make everything look and run fabulously. But what if this ‘everything’ I speak of really meant everything that you could need or want to access on your mobile device?

I’m going to be frank – at first, I didn’t ‘get’ the cloud. I’ll admit it. I didn’t understand how it worked or why I should care.

Well, times have changed – and here are my top three favorite things about the cloud. Or the top three things I’m currently most excited about. I actually just want to make a top three list…so here it goes. Along with plausible real life scenarios in which the cloud could save the day/your social life/your career.

1. Online file storage.

I use Box. I actually unintentionally started to get my feet wet in cloud storage by using Box to send video files to my co-workers for them to review before they went live on YouTube. It was safe and secure, and super easy to share files with anyone. Then I realized that I could upload, store, and then download any of these files – even to my phone via their Android application (also available on iOS). And I could share pictures, videos and whatever I wanted with anyone, from anywhere. It was a virtual desktop.

Potential scenario:

Meet someone in the airport bar while waiting for a flight. Get to talking. Realize they’re looking for someone just like you to fill your dream job.

Without the cloud

‘Wow, that job sounds perfect for me! I’ll send you my resume as soon as I get home to my laptop.’ *set calendar reminder to send resume. Get on the plane. Forget to send resume. Miss out on the job of a lifetime.

With the cloud

‘Wow, that job sounds perfect for me! I’ll send you a link now to download my resume and portfolio.’

*pull your resume and portfolio from the cloud. Send immediately. It’s in his/her inbox to review. Become a millionaire working at your dream job.

2. Google Music

I love that Google Music will automatically upload your music library from iTunes to the Google Music application, which you can then listen to on your computer, phone or tablet. You can also download new music on the go, which is stored in the cloud. And then you can stream it from wherever you are – or make the music available offline to listen on a plane, or anywhere without an internet connection.

Potential scenario:

Road trip!

Without the cloud

You haven’t updated your playlist in a while, and you’re too embarrassed to put on your ‘guilty pleasure’ playlist from 2004 that you like to play while you’re on the treadmill. Maybe your friends won’t tell anyone you have a boy band/Britney Spears ‘nostalgia’ mix…but let’s face it. They probably will.

With the cloud

Google Music has automatically updated your music library, so you have all of your newest music – from the smooth jazz to the alternative to the rap. Everyone in the car, including yourself, is pleased with the tunes. That cute friend of a friend that tagged along also develops a crush on you based on your impeccable taste in music.

3. VMWare Horizon Mobile

VMWare Horizon Mobile was first seen on the LG Revolution at CES 2012. It allows an IT department to have control over and create a secure business device, while maintaining the privacy of a personal device – but without actually needing two devices. So in this case, you could have your work email, your work documents, your personal music, your personal email, and more all on a 4G LTE device – without having to worry about privacy issues.

Potential scenario:

You’re on the road, and you have to put out a fire at work. And with your significant other. At the same time.

Without the cloud

You have to juggle two devices, emailing on one while texting furiously on the other. You lose your focus, your boss thinks you’re not invested, and your significant other swears you’re checked out of the relationship.

With the cloud

One device is all you need. Both fires are extinguished in no time. Boss is happy, so is your lady/man friend.

Okay, so maybe my ‘plausible life situations’ are a little over-dramatic. But the reality of it is, the cloud has enabled us to have so much more at our fingertips, regardless of where we are. Your important docs are securely stored and ready for downloading or sharing, no matter where you go. Your entire music library is at your fingertips, whether you’re at the gym or on a road trip. And it will soon be a real possibility to dump your second device and use one device for both personal and business use. Let’s face it – most of us are near our cell phone 90% of the time. Even when we’re asleep, for many of us it’s probably our alarm clock. And now, your stuff is never more than one application away.

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