The South by Southwest Expo is one I have wanted to attend for years, but never had the opportunity until recently.  If I had to describe the show in one word, I’d use “alive.”

Ranging from Interactive to Music to Film, and having a slew of other aspects on the side, that I know being a Digital Den follower you’ve already read about, alive really seems to be a word to capture the experience.  And if you’ve not had the chance to go, I strongly recommend doing so. It will transform you.

But why “alive?”

Simply because that’s how I would feel listening to the music played at the show. The passion, the energy and the raw emotion by the various bands made me appreciate their talents and their ability to make me feel what they were feeling.

We had the privilege of having these bands perform for us at our booth during the show.

The Stone Foxes
My Favorite Song: Christmas Wave
Watch their Seagate booth performance.

Mariah McManus
My Favorite Song: Secrets
Watch her Seagate booth performance.

Diego’s Umbrella
My Favorite Song: Kings of Vibration


The Soft White Sixties
My Favorite Song: When This All Started
Watch their Seagate booth performance.

Foxtails Brigade
My Favorite Song: Don’t Look Down
Watch their Seagate booth performance.

Jay Lingo
My Favorite Song: Sleepercar Honeymoon (Sorry, no video)
Watch his Seagate booth performance.

Sea of Bees
My Favorite Song: Willis
Watch their Seagate booth performance.

So Many Wizards
My Favorite Song: Best Friends
Watch their Seagate booth performance.

My Favorite Song: Serial Mess


My Favorite Song: One
Watch their Seagate booth performance.

You can also check out photos of these bands on our Seagate Creative Facebook page.

Each had a unique, distinctive sound that made enough of an impression for me to a) write about them now and b) go look up more of their music.  All performances were acoustic which to me breaks music down to its most pure form because it doesn’t have the same amount of production, but does showcase talent.  Something that each of these artists has in abundance. Some was thought provoking, some put me in a good mood, and others helped me just relax. Yet running through the gamut of emotions, it all came back to one thing – feeling alive.

Whether you’re into rock, rap, roots or reggae, SXSW has something for the musician in all of us.

So who’s your favorite? Leave your thoughts on it below or on Twitter or our Facebook page.


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