PAX East kicked off to a great start with a high level of energy and excitement.  While the lines were long, they were manageable and all of the games on display were accessible to everyone. Companies are getting a jumpstart on the road to E3 through promotion of their key titles coming out this year.

To briefly recap a previous Digital Den post, the PAX East show highlights all aspects of gaming including console, PC’s and even tabletop games.

While still early in the year, many of the Triple A games coming out this year were available for demo including Max Payne 3, Assassin’s Creed III, Borderlands 2, Orcs Must Die 2, Tera, Dungeons & Dragons: Rise of the Underdark, and many, many more.

The gaming community is an expressive and passionate one. As such, you’ll definitely see some great cosplay as well with people dressing up as their favorite video game character.

PAX East also has a number of different panels available ranging from topic such as So You Want to Get into the Game Industry, Nerdcore Hip-Hop, or the one I participated in, Online Gaming Communities and ‘Real Life’ Relationships.  This panel was a great deal of fun including some industry colleagues from Insomniac Games, Rooster Teeth, Epic Games, and XBOX Live Arcade.

If the first day was any indication, the rest of the weekend is going to be a good time. Be sure to check out pictures of the show on our Flickr and Facebook portals.  What game at PAX East are you most excited about? Leave a comment below or on Twitter or Facebook.

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