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If Hard Drives Were Hot Rods…

I love cars. Who doesn’t? They are sleek, sexy, and beautiful. You can tell a lot by a person by the type of car he/she may drive.  Some cars are practical and some are exuberant. Some make a statement and others probably should just keep quiet and not say anything.

I haven’t always been an aficionado of cars, however. I think it started back in the early ‘00’s when in my previous life I used to work on a game called Motor City Online.  It was your typical racing game, but it focused on cars from the 1930’s to the 1970’s including all sorts of hot rods, muscle cars and everything in between.

After seeing a recent advertisement about an upcoming car show then reading an article about BMW’s i8 Spyder, it got me thinking about the parallels between hot rods and hard drives.  Check out these comparisons:

GoFlex Slim – The ‘34 Ford of storage. This drive still packs a punch giving you 320 GB (or horsepower) of portability.  Flames optional!


GoFlex Satellite – As the first of it’s kind and a storage game changer due to the fact it gives you 500BG of storage space you can access wirelessly the Satellite stands in a class by itself like the ’57 Chevy.

BlackArmor® NAS 440 – Powerful and durable, the BlackArmor line makes me think of the ’49 Merc – tough, rugged and durable but still elegant.


Momentus XT SSHD – Fast, sleek and streamlined, the Momentus XT reminds me of the classic ’57 Ford Fairlane. (The car, not the movie from the 90’s.)  It’s built for speed without losing its signature style.


Barracuda 3.5” Internal HD – Efficient and reliable, the Barracuda is akin to the ’50 Chevy Nomad (and for me, it has to be a Woody Wagon) combining storage capacity with dependability ready to meet any need you may have.


Like the perfect hot rod, the perfect storage solution is out there for you…and is a lot cheaper too.  Whatever your need we’ve got you covered.


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  • Hi Jonathan,

    Thanks for working on the best online racing game I ever played. Played a lot of games over the years and will always remember my many nights up late playing Motor City Online.

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