If you’re into video games as much as I am, then you are already aware of the PAX East show taking place in Boston, Massachusetts this coming weekend.  (If you’re going, look for me!)

But if the notion of this is as foreign to you as these common phrases in Klingon, then let me give you the breakdown.  The Penny Arcade Expo started in Seattle, Washington started by Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik – authors of the web comic Penny Arcade. They wanted to attend a show that catered to all aspects of gaming from tabletop games to console to PC. The first PAX show began in 2004 and when it continued to grow, it made sense in 2010 to kick off PAX East to ease the travel burden for those on the other side of the country.

Because this is our first time looking at this particular event, we’ve partnered with The Gamer Access to do some event coverage on our behalf. We’re looking at this as a “scouting mission” to check out the vibe, meet some of the developers as well as the gaming community who use our products.

So let’s step back and give you some behind-the-scenes. Seagate has always been a core part of various aspects of industries including music, movies, and art and, gaming.  Storage has always been part of the game development process whether you a developer backing up code, audio, video, level designs, concept art or even project schedules. As a gamer, you are saving your game to your hard drive, a memory card or more recently the cloud. This is why Seagate attends lifestyle and consumer events like the Napa Valley Film Festival, GDGT, SXSW and PAX East to showcase front and center how important storage is to your digital life and to listen to what these creators, coders, inventors and industries need.

The PAX East show is the second stop in the road to the E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo). (GDC was the first.) Once these doors close, it’s like being in a sports car on the open road with the top down and music blasting.

Given the number of games coming out this year including Diablo III, Bioshock Infinite, and Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes (hey, don’t judge), it’s going to be a great year for gamers.

Got a game you’re looking forward to this year? Share it with us in the comments below, on Twitter or on Facebook.

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