It’s no secret that Seagate loves gaming and looks at it as a core part of our business. After all, you can’t play a game without saving it, right?

While we haven’t had an official presence (not yet, anyway) at shows like Screenburn 2012 or PAX East, we have had our presence felt in various ways such as covering the event to highlight news and announcements coming from the show. Another option we’ve recently exercised is through partnerships such as the one with the fine folks at The Gamer Access.

Nick McCandless, Britney Parks and Ashton Holiday dripped blood, sweat and tears (which they did a great job of hiding on camera) for four, cold days in Boston to get all the best content from the PAX East show.  Having done show coverage with a former colleague of mine (I miss you, Husky) I know first hand how much of a challenge covering an event can be from logistics to scheduling to crowd control to equipment failures to double booked appointments and everything else under the sun.

So for all the games that I didn’t highlight myself, check out the following interviews courtesy of The Gamer Access.

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