To me, summer means movies. Sure it’s also a break from school or for others, (like my parents) prime vacation time. But for me, it’s all about the blockbusters and showstoppers that come out during this time of year. I love the movies so I can escape reality for a couple hours where the smell of popcorn fills the air and the excessive slurping of soda is actually acceptable…at least until the preview trailers start.

Without trying to make this a plug for some friends at Marvel Entertainment (Hi, Ryan P.), I’m looking forward to the kicking-off of the summer movie season with the release of The Avengers this Friday.  It’s no secret that I’m a comic fan so the opportunity to watch the culmination of all the past Marvel movies comes together to create a film like The Avengers is a dream come true.

In preparation for this gathering of “Earth’s mightiest heroes,” I’ve been watching all the previously released films – Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger, all loaded onto my GoFlex Satellite.  It’s like a movie marathon on the go.

This level of accessibility to my favorite content is just one of several reasons why the GoFlex Satellite is such a premiere storage device. The anywhere/anytime functionality it offers makes things really easy so I can watch a little bit of the movie from any of my preferred devices. (Which in this case is my smartphone since I still don’t want a tablet.)

This doesn’t have to end with just movies too, I can keep my comic experience going by adding soundtracks of these films from iTunes as well or even movie stills that I may want to “procure” from the official movie site.  With 500GB to play with, I can pretty much put the entire Marvel universe in my pocket.

I’m ready for this weekend. I have one more film to complete to be caught up. I’ve been spending time in the Marvel Wikia learning more about supporting characters like Loki and Nick Fury. When the lights go down and between stuffing buttered corn kernels in my mouth, I will be the first to yell “AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!”


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