Cloud storage is a business that’s quickly rising in popularity as fast as streaming music. And also like streaming music, there is an abundance of service providers available including Dropbox, ZumoDrive, and the recently announced Google Drive. Even Xbox has entered the mix allowing cloud storage as an option to save your games.

But cloud storage isn’t for everyone.  For some it’s a brave new world of anytime/anywhere accessibility. For others who may not be so technologically inclined, it’s a dark scary place…or bright and fluffy depending on what your image of clouds may be.

So let’s demystify this a bit – the cloud is just a server…or, a bunch of servers. It’s a collection of hard drives sitting in a data center run by a few guys who know a bit more about computers than the average bear and are waiting for you to access it with your music, photos and anything else you love and cherish.  Just like any other server, it will store your data just as a regular hard drive would. So there you go, don’t be afraid of the cloud.

The first time I used Dropbox, I thought it was a great way to have my info wherever I wanted it. I dabbled with ZumoDrive because it had an app that worked on my Android phone allowing me access to my music.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a total cloud convert. I will always be reliant on my external hard drives because they give me a great sense of security and stability with my data. But a cloud solution can give you a sense of freedom that you don’t always have with traditional storage because of the accessibility of data centers.

Although I suppose there is a bit of a personal stake in this. After all, who do you think supplies the hard drives used in those data centers?

Seagate is a “cloud friendly” company. We understand the importance of cloud storage for businesses and consumers alike.  We know you want you the convenience of having your data secure and available at any given time because life happens. So take a load off and relax because we’ll enable you to have access to your data from the cloud to something as close to you as, say, your pocket.  And isn’t keeping your information close what it’s all about?

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