How do you access your media? Do you use a smartphone? A tablet? Or are you “old fashioned” and use your computer?

There are many ways to consume music and video these days be it Spotify, Slacker, YouTube, Hulu and several others that make “on demand” programming almost a staple. It’s become so ingrained into our regular lives; I can barely remember a time without it.

The (relatively) low price point for tablets and smartphones add to that accessibility of on demand programming letting you take yourself out of the living room and into the coffee shops, the libraries and even the commuter trains to enjoy your favorite shows.

Our society has really become one where you can get your media, your way. (I will randomly award a GoFlex Satellite to one person who can correctly tell me which fast food company had a similar slogan. I’ll announce a winner in the comments section 5/29/12)

Anyway, the same can be said for storage. I keep an external drive in my bag at all times and I’ll have a different drive in another bag just in case I take that one. The rise of cloud storage has really taking this anytime/anywhere mantra to heart to the point where you can literally get your media your way.  (BTW, R.I.P. ZumoDrive)

I remember growing up watching Star Trek and learning about the concept of IDIC – Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations.  The short version of this concept is how there are millions of variables for things in the universe. The same can be said about electronic devices on the market. For example, if I’m on the go covering a show like CES? Then it’s my Slim and my Android phone. In a situation where I have the chance to be more stationary, then maybe my laptop and my GoFlex Pro. I don’t have to worry about whatever infinite combination I use to access my data because it’s always “on demand.”

So how do you access your media?

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