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The World of Backup Plus – Part 1: What is Backup Plus?

We’ve been keeping this under wraps for a few months, but we’re finally ready to reveal our new Backup Plus products. We took a look at the drives we were making and wanted to take storage to a new level of “easy” providing our fans with a simple backup solution for your digital life on your computer and the cloud. And when I say easy, I’m talking “one-click” easy.

So what makes Backup Plus different? In looking at the products we had before, we felt we needed to breakdown barriers to make backing up your data easier than ever.

First, our new Seagate Dashboard provides a one-click backup process that is simple and efficient. Back up your data during your computer use with the click for a button or schedule a backup session for a set-and-forget solution to always keep your information protected without having the hassle of trying to remember the last time you preserved your data.

Second, with the explosion of social networks, it’s important to have your memories accessible anywhere. Whether you live vicariously through Facebook or Flickr, if something ever happens to these networks, we’ve got you covered. You’re a few clicks away from downloading (or uploading) your entire photo library to your Backup Plus drive. And if you’re a video fan, you can upload your stored video content to YouTube just as easily.

Lastly, it was imperative for us to make the Backup Plus products flexible enough to work with multiple operating systems and connection technologies.  After all, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” So regardless if you’re running Windows or MAC OS  or connecting with a 2.0 USB or Thunderbolt, the Backup Plus drives will suit your storage needs.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent the last few years creating a digital life on Facebook with little regard to what happens if something were to happen to the site and it shuts down.  With the Backup Pus hard drives, that’s no longer a worry of mine since I can download my online social life, put it in my pocket, and take it anywhere.

In the next couple blog posts, I’ll get into some specifics about the functionality of the Backup Plus devices. But if you’re chomping at the bit, you can watch this video.

Welcome to the world of Backup Plus – easy backup for your digital life. What do you think of our latest devices? Leave comments below, on Facebook page or our Twitter.

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