Once upon a time, the San Diego Comic Con was actually about comics. While it’s still the staple of the show, if you’ve had the opportunity to attend or follow the news from your favorite entertainment site, you’ll see that things are a little different now. SDCC has become the hub of all things pop culture including movies, television, video games, costumes, collectibles and much more.

Not wanting to forget the roots and origins of the event, Seagate has partnered with iFanboy to bring you coverage directly from the show. Having seen the list of scheduled interviews, these guys are going to put in work and bring you some of the biggest names in comics to talk about their projects and the creative process.

It’s no secret that I love comics. I’ll find ways to weave my love into this blog wherever I can. It’s a perfect blend of storytelling and illustration that really can make the story more impactful. I love the creativity of how the hero will escape from an impossible situation and live to die another day. Like the other 150,000 people descending into the city of San Diego, we’re all looking to hear what’s happening next to our favorite heroes. So to call me excited for this show is possibly an understatement.

So be sure to check our Twitter and Facebook accounts as well as the @iFanboy Twitter account to stay up-to-date with news and photos from the show.

Whether it’s music, photography or film or art, Seagate is at the center of creativity. As our SeagateCreative program emphasizes, the creative process is one that should be shared and enjoyed by all from start to finish.

See you at the show!

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