I’m going to geek out a minute, I’ll warn you now. I am really excited about seeing The Dark Knight Rises when it releases next week. I’ve been a fan of Batman for as long as I can remember and the trailers for this film have looked amazing.

I feel Batman Begins really set a bar on how films based on comic books can be both profitable and a great cinematic experience while still being respectful to the source material. When you look at other superhero films that came after including X-Men: First Class and even the recent The Amazing Spider-Man, you can keep some of the fanfare of the summer blockbuster without losing any integrity of the core concepts.

One of the things that have always impressed me about the movies and about Batman specifically is his “wonderful toys.” Whether it was the campy show from the 1960’s with Adam West to the last film with the late Heath Ledger, Batman has always had his utility belt with an assortment of gas pellets, ropes, remote control devices, grenades and projectile weapons.

But riddle me this, what does the Dark Knight do for storage?

Naturally, the world’s greatest detective has at his disposal one of the world’s greatest computers – The Batcomputer, but what’s its capacity and how does he access it?  Does information on The Joker’s latest diabolical plan to threaten Gotham City get accessed from the cloud?  Does he keep all of the solved riddles from The Riddler someplace for future reference?  What about the tech specs for his Batmobile Tumbler, are they backed up and secured?

We may never see the data center within The Batcave.  I may have to just go on the assumption that The Dark Knight would have one of our Seagate Slim portable drives stashed in his cape for quick access to 500GB of weapons specs, rogue profiles and a list pizza joints that are open late.

Nothing will stop the Dark Knight from rising come the 20th of July. I just hope I can avoid arriving late as I did for Marvel’s The Avengers so I won’t be regulated to the front row.


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