The remake of the 1990 film Total Recall is coming out Friday and I am excited. I loved the original and the trailers for the reboot look stunning. One thing I love about seeing movies redone is to analyze what is changed in the original version compared to the original.

If you missed the original, the premise is that a man goes for a “fantasy vacation” to a company that specializes on memory implants.  As it turns out, he’s a major super-spy who had his memory previously erased by the corrupt administrator of Mars.  Now he has to save the planet and overthrow the regime.

Cool right? I’m hoping the reboot will keep the spirit of the original, but add its own special twists.

Speaking of recall, I remember when I first started at Seagate – feels like forever ago – how the parallels of data storage as a backup to everyday living fascinated me.  That hasn’t changed.

I was doing some IT work on my laptop recently and had a bit of an issue where I had to reload my system from a previously backed up iteration.  I’m SO glad I had done regular backups.

I look at drive backups similar to having roadside assistance – it’s better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

As a quick sidebar, the stats for the number of people who frequently backup their hard drive are staggeringly low – 30% once a month and 25% of people have never backed up their hard drive.

Having backed up my system recently helped me avoid a bigger mess – and allowed my hard drive to give me… total recall. =)

Have you backed up your hard drive recently?

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