One of the cool things about working at Seagate is that people will ask for storage advice. I don’t see this as being any different for people who are lawyers and get asked for counsel or people who work in finance and get requests on stock tips. If you have access to an industry expert, why not leverage that?

I find that I don’t have any particular hard drive that I prefer over another. I like to go with a device that meets a specific need or requirement. So when asked for a recommendation, I usually follow up with a few questions to get a better sense of they’re looking to use the drive for.

Once I have these answers, I can assess what may work for that person better. And if I have extra insight into that person’s interests, it really can make a difference on what I recommend.

For example, I have one friend who is a huge gamer, but was looking for something to backup his system and to install Windows for a fresh start on a partition.  For him, I suggested our Barracuda desktop drive. My recommendation for him was very different than what I had suggested to another friend who is looking for something to record music on. She needed something that had a good amount of capacity, but also was portable to be used on various locations. Also because she was doing music, specifically needed something with a fast interface that will allow multiple large audio files to be written all at once, in real-time. So I suggested she try our Backup Plus Desk. Both were satisfied customers. =)

When in the market for a new hard drive, it’s a good start to know what you’re going to be using it for whether it’s music, photos, games, sound clips, videos, recipes, love letters, movies…wait, this is starting to sound like my hard drive content.

Once you know how you’re going to use the drive, you can then quickly assess which device will suit you best.

What type of hard drive works best for you?

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