There are some announcements in this industry you really can’t be surprised at and can accept as a constant.  For football game fans, EA Sports will always release Madden NFL in August.  Tom Cruise will usually release some type of summer blockbuster. (Although Rock of Ages is subjective.)

And Apple will release a new phone or tablet – today was the official unveiling of the iPhone 5.

Even as I write this, the press conference is still going. But feel free to check out announced features courtesy of Mashable where Phil Schiller, Apple’s VP of Worldwide Marketing is touting this device as “the most beautiful product we have ever made.”

As I’m watching the presentation, I am interested in seeing some of the gaming visuals as well as movies that I’ll be able to stream from my wireless Satellite drive.

But let’s be real a moment, I’m an Android user. I’ve had Apple phones in the past and I use a Macbook Pro as my laptop of choice.  I have various reasons for choosing my Android device that are too numerous to list, but I will admit that the iPhone 5 has me intrigued. One thing I do admire about Apple devices is their simplicity and ease of use.  I remember when my mother had got her first iPad (that sounds like a Fisher-Price toy) and my young son saw it, and decided to go help show her how to use it.  Yes, Apple devices are that simple to use.

I can appreciate that Apple is taking an approach of re-designing their device. Yes, on some levels they will be on parity with what’s already on the market, but for the faithful (or even the dormant users who don’t buy a phone each year) they seem to be pushing the envelope of their technology.

Today’s unveiling reminded me of what we did when we launched our Backup Plus line this past June.  With this line of hard drives, we really wanted to emphasize the simplicity of backing up your content.  So, like Apple, we made some design changes to the software that would allow users to easily jump in, save or transfer their data, and boom – instant peace of mind.

I like what Apple has done with the iPhone 5. I don’t know if I’m ready to trade in my Android phone just yet, but I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on reviews when it releases on September 21st.

What were your thoughts on the iPhone 5 announcements?

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