So by now you’ve heard the news about this little device called the iPhone 5, right?  It’s being touted by Apple as the “the most beautiful product we have ever made.”  As part of the launch of this new device, Apple is also launching iOS 6.

Never being out of step technologically, we now have a firmware update available for our Seagate Satellite device. If you use Seagate GoFlex Satellite™ with an iPad®, iPhone® or iPod™ touch and are planning to upgrade any of your Apple® mobile devices to iOS 6, a firmware update on your GoFlex Satellite product is mandatory in order to maintain compatibility. Without this firmware update, your Apple mobile device will not be able to connect to the Wi-Fi network created by your GoFlex Satellite device.

Trust me when I say that updating GoFlex Satellite is simple and will only take a couple of minutes. It’s so simple, that I’ve even documented the instructions for you below.

So get updated today so you can get back into your media-streaming groove.

Instructions for the latest Firmware Update to Seagate Satellite:
Step 1
Fully charge the GoFlex Satellite drive.

Step 2
Exit the GoFlex Media App on your mobile or tablet device.

Step 3
Connect your GoFlex Satellite to your computer using the USB Adapter.

Step 4
DOWNLOAD the Satellite Firmware to your computer and copy the downloaded file to your GoFlex Satellite. (Do not put it in a folder)
Note: Filename is satellite_firmware_xf_DVT_1.3.6.001.bin (do not rename this file)

Step 5
Safely remove the GoFlex Satellite drive.
a. For Windows – use the safe remove hardware icon by the clock
b. For Mac OS – click the eject icon in the finder in Mac OS.

Step 6
Disconnect the USB cable from the computer.

Step 7
Power on the GoFlex Satellite and let it update. (2-3 Minutes) DO NOT ATTEMPT to connect to the Satellite until the Wi-Fi light on the drive stops blinking. Once the Wi-Fi light stops blinking the GoFlex Satellite is ready to use.


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