Well, maybe you don’t. But eventually you will. The feature set for Windows 8 being it’s deepest yet; they are making a big statement in this operating system update.  Check out some of these key features:

And when you do upgrade, those of you with Seagate hard drives will want to be sure your data is still safe and accessible from this new OS.

Don’t worry, it is.  Here are a couple tidbits to help you prepare for your OS upgrade.

Complete pre-upgrade backup
When installing any new OS, always first perform a complete system backup. Backup Plus makes it easy.

  1. Open the Dashboard software and go to the Protect menu
  2. Click “Protect Now”

That’s it. Backup Plus will begin backing up all your personal files (not system files) immediately.

Choose Your Level of Protection
The device is set by default to back your files continuously on the C: drive in Windows.

However, you can always set up a specific backup schedule if you regularly perform a resource-intensive activity like gaming. This keeps the computer’s resources focused on current tasks.

In addition to these initial backup settings, there are other customizable settings you can choose from to meet your needs.

Optimized for Windows 8
When you’ve successfully upgraded to Windows 8, Backup Plus is ready to get to work and you’ll still be able leverage all the features on the device you could on your old OS including:

Life moves pretty fast sometimes, but with Windows 8 and Backup Plus, you won’t miss a beat.

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