The holidays are a very interesting time of year that can bring joy, happiness the chance to gather with family and friends and at least one gift that you didn’t expect (or didn’t want)

Either way, holidays happen and they should be celebrated.

I don’t know what made me start to wax nostalgic these last couple weeks, (blame it on the time of year) but I found myself at my parent’s house looking at some old photos of days of yore.  Many were of relatives long gone, but once in awhile, I’d find a hidden gem from the holidays including one where I apparently got a red fire engine to ride around in. While I have no memory of this at all, it did play up to me the notion of how important it is to preserve photos for the future.

I’d like to think that ours is a company that will practice what we preach so in the spirit of the holidays we decided to host a sweepstakes where you can potentially win a new laptop, a Seagate Satellite, a Backup Plus Drive, a Netflix subscription and some candy canes to deck the halls with. I’m pretty sure this’ll look lovely under whatever holiday display you have in your living room.

During this past Thanksgiving, Instagram noted that they saw approximately 5 terabytes of food pictures. Can you imagine what this holiday season will bring when people are showcasing their ugly holiday sweater?

In the meantime, sign up for our Holidays Happen Sweepstakes for a chance to win some cool prizes or risk getting stuck with gift cards to your local Cracker Barrel.


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