I went to the theater to see Skyfall again recently and was reminded how “low tech” the film really was.  Historically James Bond has always has always had some interesting toys to play with on his adventures from jet packs to mini-copters to magnet watches.

My theory is that not only is this a creative decision on the part of the filmmakers to rely less on the fancy and more on the brains of the character, but that it’s also a reflection of the times.  In the 1960’s when James Bond started to rise in popularity, there was a nice element of science fiction because the tools he used weren’t really invented at that time. But now things are a little different. (Although we still don’t have jet packs and cars with machine guns. But that’s probably a good thing.)

So this got me further thinking about the technological advancement of today’s smartphone applications. Remember the commercial with the tagline “There’s an app for that”? It was pretty accurate. In fact, when I can’t find an app for something I’m looking for, I’m surprised and disappointed.

Apple has just over 700,000 apps available in it’s iPhone App Store and Android’s Google Play store has 675,000 by last count. With this entire tech available at his fingertips, James Bond didn’t need a remote control device hidden in his shoe to control a nuclear submarine – he had a smartphone that could do it for him. (Don’t fret. For those who have not seen Skyfall, this isn’t a scene from the film.)

So here are a few apps that I can’t seem to live without.

Hootsuite – As the Social Media guy, I need access to my personal and corporate accounts at all times. There are tons of apps for social media, but Hootsuite drew me in with the ability to schedule messages and I love that feature.

Bleacher Report Team Stream – Fantastic for sports news about my favorite teams. Just enter in your favorite franchise and find out scores, player stats, injury updates and more.

Uber – Classy, elegant and faster to arrive than most taxicabs, Uber is a great transportation alternative that has gotten me out of many a jam. Next time you see a black sedan, honk, it may be me.

Angry Birds Star Wars – Because it’s Star Wars. And what else are you going to do while standing in line during this time of year?

Overstock – There’s nothing wrong with other online portals like Amazon, but there’s something about Overstock that keeps me coming back.  Having this handy app has been a huge help especially during the holiday season.

I have a ton more, but I’m sure you have some of the same apps I do.  When I’m with friends, I’m always interested to know what apps they have on the phone. I love comparing the differences, especially if they are on a different OS. What are some of your app recommendations and why?

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