“Turn any moment into movie magic.”

That’s the tagline for a company I checked out today at CES called Magisto. A quick demo allows you to take movies that you’ve created on your smartphone and edit together to with custom backgrounds or music (some licensed or you can add your own) and share on Facebook.

The practicality of this little app is far reaching whether you’re recording the first steps of your toddler, Grandma’s 75th birthday party, or in my case, “guys night out” to the theme from the A-Team.  You won’t get the level of detail you would from iMovie or Adobe Premiere, but for quick, easy access to user-created content, this is a must have for anyone who loves to take video with their phones.

The simplicity of being able to select a video, a theme, your music, then posting is going to make this app accessible to every type of user.  Download it now for free for your Android or iPhone device.

But let’s say you’re not into the video scene and just want to read content based on your interests. You could say you’re in the market for some new…Material. (Ok, that pun was bad even for me.)

Not yet available but coming really, really soon, is this content generator from INQ that I’m very intrigued by called Material.

Taking this quote from their Twitter, “We believe you should be enjoying great content rather than searching for it. We’ll hunt out the good stuff so you can kick back & enjoy it.”

How this works is that Material will aggregate content to you based on key words and phrases from your social streams. So if I make a lot of comments about Jennifer Lopez, Superman and Ella Fitzgerald, I’ll get content based on these interests directly to my device.  For people like myself who aren’t always able to seek out the content they want, this is a great way to get content delivered to you about things YOU will want to know about.   I’m excited to see how this’ll work once it’s launched so expect a follow up post sometime down the line.

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