I love streaming content be it music, movies or um, well something else that can be streamed.  Video on Demand (VOD) is quickly becoming a major medium with sites like Netflix, iTunes, Crackle and now you can add M-GO to that list.

Formed by Technicolor, M-GO has partnered with the major labels to bring you pay-as-you-go content for TV’s, tablets, PCS and streaming players and game consoles can’t be that far behind.

One thing that’s great about the M-GO service is that if they don’t have the content you’re looking for, they’ll help you find it through another destination. After all, sharing is caring.  Add to the fact that because M-GO is on a pay-per-play model, you’re not locked into a monthly fee like some of those “other” sites. This is almost a dream come true for me so I can consider ending my 300-channel cable subscription since I only watch about 20 channels. Being able to watch what I want and when I want it is quickly becoming the norm and I’m all for it.

Check out the service now currently in it’s public beta. With content coming from big guns such as Sony Pictures, Warner Bros., Paramount and others, they are shaping up to be the next big thing as a streaming content provider.


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