We announced the Seagate Business Storage NAS today. If you missed the memo, here are some of the highlights:

While these features are similar to what we offer in our Wireless Plus and Seagate Central devices, obviously the use cases and needs are going to be vastly different.  As I sat in product development meetings prior to the launch of this system, I often thought about the type of person who’d benefit from using the Small Business Storage. (You know, aside from the obvious small business owners.)

Because my social circles are so varied, I know a lot of people in the creative professional space who I think would benefit from such a device.

Photographers or video editors would benefit from such a device primarily for the capacity offered. 16TB will hold a lot of photos and videos and anyone who’s done this type of work knows how large the raw files can become.

Then there are musicians. Imagine a world where you work in a corporate 9-5 role by day, but by night you don your hip hop crime fighter tee and produce music and videos. Having a Small Business Storage device in your studio allows you to backup all your tracks and even play them remotely when you’re having that “I’m abut to be discovered” moment.  And if you have accompanying videos, then it’s like having your own YouTube channel in your back pocket. (Though I guess you could just access YouTube, but at least this way you’d be ad free.)

So whether you’re a consultant, a retailer, an Internet mogul, an artist, a musician, a or even a budding web celebrity, the Small Business Storage will keep things business usual.


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