The 85th Academy Awards are taking place this Sunday.  A friend of mine planted the seed of trying to see all the nominations before the awards and unfortunately this year, I’ll be short a couple films.

One of the things I do admire about this event is the acknowledgement of the constantly innovative history this industry has, from films created for the Zoo-praxiscope and Edison’s first 35mm film, through Cinemascope, all the way up to today’s all-digital capture, editing, distribution and projection of cinema..  There have been a number of amazing films that have been nominated and I love how The Academy has tried to preserve this legacy by highlighting the History of the Academy Awards.

For what I secretly have dubbed “Info(graphic) Friday”, let’s take a brief look at this breakdown of films and nominations courtesy of Empire Magazine.

I’ll definitely be tuning in to The Oscars to see who wins this weekend – will you?

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