I’ve always thought Macworld to be an interesting show, more so when Apple decided to no longer participate, thus the rebranding to iWorld. When I attended last year, there were a slew of iPhone and iPad cases, camera lenses and Appalooza where App Devs can show off their latest advancements to make life easier, organized or to impress you with their cool.

One year later, the change is a small one. While some of the vendors I remember from last year aren’t present but like a hydra, there are at least two more to take their place.  And I’m okay with this.

Once you got passed the Valley of the iPhone Cases, you’d easily find some really good vendor gems.

For the animator in all of us (or those of us who want to bring some fun to our MEME’s) Reallusion is showing off CrazyTalk®7. This OS X program allows you to turn any image into a talking head. The demo I got included a talking cat (because, you know, the Internet is ruled by cats) but you can easily add any image of your friends or family to spice up any image. If you’re into animation, or just looking to spice up your dog’s blog, then for ~$30, you really can’t go wrong with this software.

Another vendor that stood out from the crowd was Givit. A free download for iPhone and iPad, this video app let’s you record, edit and share your favorite video content – with no length restrictions. Take that, Vine! Through the app, you can effects such as speeding up or slowing down the video or music from your iTunes library to really pack a punch.

One other cool tool that caught my eye was Animation Desk by Kdan Mobile. Available for either iPhone, iPad or Mac, I challenged the rep to show me how easy the tool is since I can’t even draw stick figures properly. He rose to the challenge well not only drawing a stick figure, but animating him taking a walk on a beach background that comes as part of a custom set of locations to dabble with.  Then showed me how you can export it to YouTube or Facebook to amaze your friends. Kdan Mobile 1 – Me – 0.  If you’re into animation, or want to be, this is a great tool worth checking out.

Macworld/iWorld is touted as being the ultimate iFan event and from what I can see, they are right on the mark.  It’s a creative professionals dream from music tools, to art applications to even storage *cough* Seagate Booth 616 *cough*. This is THE place to be for all things Apple. If you’re in San Francisco and have the time, swing by while the doors are open and prepare to be iAmazed.

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