While I don’t always like horn tooting, when you look at the features for our Wireless Plus hard drive, you can’t help but think *beep-beep*.

The natural successor to our previous Satellite drive, this bad boy has a few additional bells & whistles that shouldn’t be overlooked to take playing movies or music on your tablet or smartphone to the next level.

Yes, we’ve doubled capacity to 1TB.
Sure, we upped the battery life to 10 hours.
True, we increased the capacity to stream to 8 devices simultaneously.

But what you really care about is the ability to create your own Wi-Fi network so that you can access your content on the go without losing access to the web.  Boom!

Throw in the free Seagate Media™ app for iOS or Android that allows you to:

What else could you possibly need? I guess the feature to open/close the garage door could help.  I’ll talk to R&D about that. And let’s not even forget the awards it’s already won including CNET’s Best of CES 2013 and Macworld’s Best of Show 2013

Why should you care about Wireless Plus? Because whether it’s music, movies, photographs or even data worksheets, it’s yours stuff. The Wireless Plus allows you to take what’s yours anywhere, anyplace, to access and enjoy it anytime you want to.

Freedom just became digital. You’re welcome!






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