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Seagate – More Than Just a Hard Drive Company

Sometimes it’s hard to describe exactly why my hard drive is so important and relevant to my life — after all, we love our hard drives because we don’t notice them; they just work. But you often see me comment that storage is the center of a digital lifestyle (or some paraphrased version of this) because it’s used as a foundation for so many things.

Movies, music, photography, art, design, sure those are the easy subjects, but storage goes so much further when you start looking at how data is collected then used for marketing or business. Whether it’s a spiffy presentation or web metrics, data storage is as commonplace as a sticky note.

You may have missed it, but some of our editorial teams are taking things farther with content available on which will allow you to help make educated decisions about our products, give tips and tricks to maximize use of our devices, or just give some industry related insight to our business.

Do More gives great “how to” information whether it be about transferring your content or making system upgrades.

Tech Insights showcases some of the influences and changes within the storage industry that is impacting the workplace or personal computing.

Point of View gives editorial insight around the overall storage and computing landscape including SSD, Cloud or Mobile.

You may have seen some of these articles promoted through our Facebook or Twitter channels, but in case you missed it, you’ll definitely want to check out these simple, easy to digest articles.

Picking a storage device or making sense of this ever-expanding industry isn’t always easy. We want to help you keep abreast of trends and transitions as part of the digital evolution and it’s a great opportunity to be more than just a hard drive company.


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