Image courtesy of Venture Beat

Liquid Robotics is doing interesting things. And I like interesting things. For example, let’s look at the Wave Glider SV3, a solar propelled, unmanned ocean robot. The purpose of the SV3 is to navigate areas of water that are too difficult for humans to navigate for the purpose of collecting data and information.  (Isn’t that really what robots are for anyway? Well, that and chess.)

According to this article, the SV3 was designed with data center-like architecture so that multiple users can have their own data crunching needs met simultaneously.  Obviously my eyes focused on the term “data center” when reading the article.  Any tech that allows for storage and/or data processing is going to pique my interest.

So while I was joking about the cloud storage reference in the title, the SV3 is an impressive tool as part of the digital ecosystem that I think Liquid Robotics may only be scratching the surface on regarding it’s full capabilities and potential. (I swear there was a water joke in there somewhere.)

When you get a moment, head over to the official Liquid Robotics web site to learn more about the SV3 and read the official announcement.

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