“This device isn’t a space ship, it’s a time machine.  It goes backwards and forwards.  And it takes us to a place where we ache to go again. “ – Don Draper: Mad Men

Like countless others since it’s return, I’ve been on a Mad Men kick as of late. I will sit in silence watching the show every Sunday night and lately having a second viewing on Mondays as well.

The above quote came from an episode back in the first season (episode 13) when Don and crew are making a presentation to Kodak for a product called The Wheel; later dubbed The Carousel.

The last couple weeks have been interesting for me professionally as much as personally. On one hand, been buried in planning for “top secret stuff” but on the other, I’ve been actively watching my son as he participates in his first little league for baseball.

I’ve been at every practice and (almost) every game capturing photos and video to share with family and save for when he’s older so he can look back at these memories as fondly as I am remembering when I played little league as a boy.  I’ve been taking so many photos of him and his team that if I’m not careful; I’m going to need another hard drive.

“This device isn’t a space ship, it’s a time machine.”

The same can be said about my hard drive. Like Kodak’s Carousel, my drive is a time machine transporting me back to when I was nine playing for the Padres or when I was sixteen playing for the Mariners or (let’s not worry about how old I am now) cheering on my favorite Oriole as he steps to the plate.  It’s much more than just a hard drive.

When was the last time you accessed your time machine and took a stroll down memory lane?

And if you missed the episode the quote is from, enjoy this refresher.

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