I think it’s pretty safe to say that we all know the importance of storage and protecting our stuff, right?  (And thankfully, we make backing up your hard drive a snap!) Be it music, movies or in the cases of a few people I know presentations, you want access to your stuff anywhere/anytime.

Well guess what? We have an app for that.

Available for either iTunes or Android, the Seagate Media App will allow you to access all of your movies, music, photographs or even your documents wherever you are.

This is an amazing time saver for the business traveller who’s always on-the-go but needs to remain connected to important files or even the “supermom” who’s got a car full of kids and needs easy, accessible entertainment to quell the masses.

Better still, this app works with not only the Seagate Central, but our Wireless Plus hard drive as well. Because the Wireless Plus holds more than 500 HD quality movies, why wouldn’t you want to have them at your disposal? So regardless of your device, we’ve got you covered.  What are you waiting for? Download the Seagate Media App today and let the good times roll.

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