Do you use Instagram? Based on some of their usage stats, it seems like the more appropriate question would be “Who doesn’t use Instagram?”

With cleverly named filters such as “Sunrise” or “Hefe” and the ability to post out to your favorite social networks (Twitter, Facebook, FlickrTumblr, Foursquare) it is an easy to use, fun to experience camera application that has really changed the way people take photos.

But really, how many people are using Instagram? Our friends at Wishpond put together this handy graphic that post some incredible stats to highlight how important it is for us to show off that gourmet meal or how fun it is to watch “Fluffy” play with her cat toys.

Check this out:

I’d love to see how this compares to other photo apps like Hipstamatic or Camera +, but suffice to say, Instagram (with Facebook behind it) is looking to be here for the long haul.

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