For so long we’ve been programmed that “slim is in” that we make it a target in so many things from physique to, well, hard drives.

In case you missed the memo, we recently announced our Laptop Ultrathin HDD that can easily provide you with 500GB of power for your laptop, ultrabook or tablet. This 5mm, 3.3 oz. marvel will deliver the same performance the big brother 7mm offers.

Slim is sexy because it’s portable. Sure, other hard drives can fit into your pocket or computer, but anyone who loves cool tech and gadgetry knows that slim, sleek and compact is what it’s all about.

The Laptop Ultrathin HDD packs a punch, and isn’t to be taken lightly.

Check out these capacity stats:

Basically, if you can create it, watch it, sing with it, or sketch it,  the Laptop Ultrathin HDD will back it up for you.

It’s slim.
It’s sexy.
And it’s spectacular.


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